Heard & Heavy LP 1985
Label: Musk Project #: mp 856 Country: Switzerland
Info: The closest thing there ever was to a proper 80's Swiz Hard Rock/Heavy Metal compilation. There's a few southern German artists included, and the focus unfortunately lies closer to the mainstream Hard Rock end of the spectrum (i.e. no Celtic Frost to be found..). 2-sided insert w/ band info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SERGEANT - Up Side Down
  Mellow, mainstream hard rock.
2. KILLER - Stronger Than Ever
  Straight-up, heavy and catchy Hard Rock-Metal that kinda defines itself rather than inspires any clever comparisons.
3. STORMBRINGER - Feels Like The Real Thing
  Heavy aor that reminds me of early Europe but with more keyboard-dominance.
4. GRAVESTONE - Death & Reality
  One the bands that came to define German Heavy Metal, so the Accept-comparisons lay close at hand, though the Gravestones had the tendency to 'rock it up' a bit.
5. FANDANGO - Lovelights
  The sole exclusive offering is a pounding, Heavy Hard Rock sing-a-long'er with vocals reminding of Rock'n'Rolf, making me think that this is what later Running Wild would have sounded like if they'd gone in a more radio-friendly direction.
6. BLACK ANGELS - Rock The City
  The Swiss Black Angels' brand of Hard Rock is probably as generic as generic Hard Rock gets, yet still somewhat enjoyable.
7. KAKTUS - Come On
  With a history going all the way back to the early 70's, here they present one of their more hard rockin' numbers from the very rare "Airwaves" melodic rock/hr debut on the Musk label.

Side B:
1. STORMBRINGER - Caught Me By Surprise
  Dull mainstream luuuuuhhrw-song like a tired Whitesnake.
2. MAXINE - Crazy Nights
3. TYRANT - Free For All
  Tyrant's trademark Super-Kraut-Speed Metal never sounded more extreme - and welcomed. Thank you, Kermit!
4. SERGEANT - Make Your Move
  ...but, alas, back to pop-hr again.
5. MAXINE - Only A Fool
6. SACRIFICE - Dark Confusion
  Sounds like '70's Metal' with an 80's touch rather than the more common, logical opposite = interesting.
7. CROWN - Harder Way To Live
  Generic boogie/heavy rock.
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