Hannover Szene '84 LP 1984
Label: (private) #: - Country: Germany
Info: The title is pretty self-explainatory. Apparently 10 000 copies were made and given away for free, something made possible with the help of sponsors from local businesses. Inbetween the songs some half a dozen advertising jingles are mixed in. Folded paper sleeve with liner notes + 2-sided innersleeve w/ band info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TILT - She's Like A Runaway
  Mainstream, play-by-numbers Hard Rock. Not quite HM, though definitely not of the most wimpy, aor/hair brand either.
2. THE CHIP - Don't Try To Change
  Mellow 80's pop.
3. WOTAN - Harley Liberty
  Obviously the band name that drew my attention to this album in the first place. Like the title implies there's biker-rock influences, but even more of the NWOBHM a la Trespass, Jameson Raid + good twin leads and some Deep Purple.
4. HEUER & FINKEN - Lonely Among The Crowd
  Singer/songwriter ballad w/ acoustic guitar.
5. NO FEAR BAND - Schau Um Dich
  Classic rock.
6. ZAMM - Packeis
  Radio-friendly pop-rock.

Side B:
1. BARACUDA - Carry On
  Rock/aor a la Survivor w/ fem vox.
2. CATENA - Happy Workers
  Hard/wavy rock fronted by a Kate Bush-wannabe. Cool tune that sticks in your head and could have made for a great NWOHM-experience with a different arrangement.
3. WOTAN - Dear Friend
  A slow, bluesy (hard) rocker that's quite the let-down considering that for once it's the Heaviest band on the album that got a second chance to prove themselves.
4. THE PILES - Into Big Feet
  Dull rock ballad.
5. ROLLSPLIT - Nichts Ist Da
  Poppy synth.
6. THE KNIBBELS - Reich Wie J.R.
  Generic punk rock.
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