Green Metal: New Irish Heavy Metal LP 1985
Label: Metal Masters #: METALPS107 Country: Ireland
Info: All Irish hard rock/metal bands. Joint effort with Crashed Records.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ASSASSIN - Don't Run For Cover
  Amateurish but catchy hard rock/heavy metal.
  A more accomplished piece with a bit of a US metal sound.
3. BLACKWYCH - Metal Mania
  Rather sloppy metal-by-numbers.
4. BLACKWYCH - Out Of Control
  Mercifully short braindead metal. Surprisingly, one of only 2 bands on this compilation to record a full LP.
5. APRIL SOUTH - Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
  Excellent metalized version of the Irish folk standard.
6. APRIL SOUTH - Rock 'N' Roll Rodeo
  Sadly, this song is totally generic boogie/NWOBHM.

Side B:
1. KRUGER - Firefight
  Decent THIN LIZZY inspired NWOBHM with atrocious vocals. KRUGER was started by a former TROJAN guitarist.
2. KRUGER - Thunder On The Plains
  Much improved HOLOCAUST style song.
3. STONESNIPE - A Change From Yesterday
  Mellow THIN LIZZY style number that's not bad, just a bit dull.
4. SPEED - A Real Live Wire
  Sleazy NWOBHM, not to be confused with Bruce Dickinson's old band.
5. TROJAN - Soldiers Song
  Not as good as The March Is On, but you can sense that they have some potential.
6. TROJAN - Charge Of The Night Brigade
  This track adds a bit of a goth punk feel. Unintentional perhaps, but it makes an otherwise generic song interesting.
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