Girls & Boys - Helge's 87 LP 1987
Label: Andrew Mountain Records #: AMR-2001 Country: Sweden
Info: I could write an essay about this album and how much it still rocks my world, decades after first discovering it - except I can't because it's fucking difficult and I've already done it twice before. Still, this will be a slightly more ranty addition than usual and not always that Metal-focused...
This particular oddity compiles the very young talents of the Helge's youth centre in the town of Gävle. The magic is in the completely unbrideled A-side, were grade/mid-school kids have been let loose to run rampant with juvenile creativity without the usual restraints and adult finger-pointing. Basically a must-buy for fans of Incredibly Strange Music, but not so much for Obscure Metal fans, even though the Metal-content is unusually high for a local Swedish comp. Includes insert with line-ups.
An MC-only follow-up called "More Girls Than Boys" was produced in 1989 (TOP Want!) as well as a CD ("Absolute Helges 1" in 1993 (some Metal content).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GALAXY - Se På Mig
  Of all the kids' performances of the album, this is the most 'normal'. Very amateurish but plain junior-high rock.
2. PINK BABYCATS - The Hunting
  "We are hunting after boys, some are cute and some are ugly.." Priceless.
3. BOYHUNTERS - Boyhunters
  "Boys, we need boys, so brings the boys.." Even priceless'er.
4. ZERO ZONE - Good
  50 seconds of instrumental riff crunchings that could have been an early Sabbat or Hellhammer rehearsal.
5. MIX MUSIC - Let's Go
  This is just too badass not to be intended as Hard Rock/HM.
6. MINIMAX - Disconight
  This eerie number makes being in grade school and going to the disco sound like the most depressing event in a 9-year-old's life.
7. ATOMIC - Windrider
  A doomy, atmospheric and probably Metallic number, as I assume goth rock wasn't on any 11/12-year-old's mind anywhere at the time.
8. HERINS - Once Upon A Time
  My favourite moment of the whole album is this HAUNTING all-girl horror story. The ending where those keyboards start to rise...*shivers*
9. OUT METAL - Let's Kill
  There's no mistaking the musical direction this time, but I'm a bit bummed it's an instrumental. With lyrics matching the cocky title it could have been classic in the league of their 'big brothers' below.
10. SECRET METAL - The Cop
  ...and there it is: THE. Most. Kült. Kid-Metal-tune of all time - from the ultra-original, pace-out-this-world lead riff, via the keyboard sirens to the anti-authoritarian lyrics. This is Incredibly Strange Metal perfection.
11. DROSS - Radioaktiv
  This song starts off the junior-high/highschool part of the album with some generic fast punk/HC.

Side B:
1. WILDERNESS - The End Of Mystery
  Instrumental from the then teenage guitar-hero wannabe Steven Andersson, who had a few CDs out in Japan in the early/mid 90's.
2. CANDY GIRLS - Together
  Melodic all-girl rock.
3. TEFFENET - Letar
4. REN'N'BLACK VIPER - Nightime (City Lights, Burnin' Bright)
  Very typical Swedish Melodic Metal like Madison meets Mindless Sinner, Sounded quite promising right up until the first few notes from the 'vocalist'.
5. MANITOU - Tribal War
  Gävle must have been completely devoid of competent singers in the 80's. The assuringly named Manitou took the easy way out by going instrumental, thus taking their Metal from plain Dull to Completely Colorless.
6. TB LINE - Don't Listen
  Funny-bad amateur pop-rock.
7. OZARK - Fight For Your Rights
  Even funnier and badder ...but Metal! I'm sure this would have been a more reknowned and iconic piece of trash if it weren't for SECRET METAL and their other A-side compadres going so very far beyond ordinary Awful and blowing Ozark out of the strangeness-water.

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