Get To The Point! Volume One CD 1990
Label: K.D. Sparbanie #: KDSCD5102 Country: USA
Info: A compilation of music from Pittsburgh and the Ohio Valley produced by Keith Sparbanie for the CMJ Music Marathon, an annual festival promoting new artists. At least one other volume was released about a year later. Inner sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. BRICK MISTRESS - Nine Lives
  Traditional metal that reminds me of ZAXAS with some nice twin guitarwork from Jim Dofka and Dave Queen. Reappeared on the Molten Metal Monsters compilation 3 years later.
2. ORACLE - Take Me Inside
  Pretty good goth/punk.
3. DAVID L. MITCHELL - The Man Won't Fight
  Old-timey folk rock.
4. ACTIVE INGREDIENT - School Supplies
  Annoying, like a jazzy version of PRIMUS.
5. SCREAMER - Play That Funky Music
  Metal version of WILD CHERRY's 1976 hit.
6. KEITH SPARBANIE - I Can't Stand My Dreams
  Speak of the devil, this song features Ron Beitle from WILD CHERRY on drums. Alternative/folk rock like CRASH TEST DUMMIES.
  A bit of a late 80s QUEENSRYCHE sound on this mid-paced prog metal number.
8. PHILIP HARRIS - After The War
  Whiny folk whose acoustic guitar bears a strong resemblance to TOM PETTY's "Free Fallin'".
9. HIGH VOLTAGE - Crossfire
  Commercial metal that is well done but somehow utterly bland. Why am I reminded of DOKKEN?
10. BRICK MISTRESS - Electric Chair
  Decent power/thrash, but with a bit of a modern groove that rubs me the wrong way.
  Early 80s sounding indie rock.
12. TOWEL BOY GENIUS - Groove Your Little Groove
  I didn't think it could get more obnoxious than ACTIVE INGREDIENT. Holy crap!
13. KEITH SPARBANIE - Time Will Tell
  There seems to be lot of inbreeding on this compilation, as Keith also produced DOFKA's Toxic Wasteland album and DAVID L. MITCHELL plays drums on this pop country sounding tune.
14. SCREAMER - Forever More
  Unimaginative power ballad from the West Virginia SCREAMER (i.e. not the Target: Earth band).
15. PHILIP HARRIS - Somebody Else's Dream
  Mellow AOR.
16. DAVID L. MITCHELL - Dogging The Path
17. ORACLE - Shadows Of Hell
  Ironically, this track has more of a dance beat than their other one.
18. STINGING RAIN - If I Should Run
  Vaguely gothic indie rock.
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