German Metal Fighters No. 2 LP 1988
Label: D&S Recording #: DS 005 Country: Germany
Info: Compilation of German bands, conveniently divided into Hard and Metal sides (A and B respectively). Supposedly only 600 copies pressed, with 100 copies being given to each band for distribution.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SHINING - Mistress Of Love
  Catchy commercial edged metal sounding like a German GRIM REAPER with hints of SCORPIONS.
2. SHINING - In The Eye
  Unfortunately they follow it up with a rather lame ballad.
3. CAT-CAN - Count On My Vision
  Hard rock that reminds me of BANG TANGO only with gruff vocals.
4. CAT-CAN - Turning Wheel
  Another ballad. I really like the unique voice of the singer, it's just a shame he didn't hook up with a better band.
5. SCARECROW - Repression
  Crossover/speed metal with some odd dance breaks.

Side B:
1. TEMPEST - Control The World
  One of my favorite German bands, this track sounds like SIREN with a BLACK SABBATH groove. Clocks in at nearly 8 minutes and yet it always stays interesting.
2. POISON ASP - World Of Nightmare
  Fairly generic German speed/thrash.
3. POISON ASP - Listen To The Voices From Vault
  This track is a bit more imaginative, like their EP, but not really any better.
4. UNITED FORCES - Avenger Of The Other World
  Solid thrash metal with riffs aplenty. Same band as featured on Rockport Record's Break Out comp from '88.
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