German Metal Fighters No. 1 LP 1987
Label: D&S Recording #: DS 003 Country: Germany
Info: Same format as the German Metal Tracks series, though the music is more hard rock oriented.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DIRTY FINGERS - No Regrets
  SCORPIONS influenced metal with an irritating singer.
2. CAPITAL ROSE - Capital Rose
  Great power metal that brings to mind IRON MAIDEN's Phantom of the Opera.
3. SLYZZER - Hellcats
  An enjoyable song on the lighter side of German metal, like very early ACCEPT.
4. POWER TOWER - Bike Race
  Hilarious crap metal!
5. IRON AGE - Bringing It Back
  Interesting interpretation of American sleaze metal. Not the same band that released Concussion of the Brain.

Side B:
1. IRON AGE - Born Infor Gotton
  More of the same, with a nice QUIET RIOT style chorus.
2. POWER TOWER - Power Tower
  Both of these songs are so stupid and monotonous that they have to be a joke.
3. FELINE MELINDA - Feline Melinda
  Actually an Italian band, though other than the accented vocals you might confuse them for a German speed metal band.
4. CAPITAL ROSE - Fight for Your Right
  Another great song, this time with more of an early HELLOWEEN vibe.
5. DIRTY FINGERS - Mirrow, Glas, Shadow
  Power ballad that comes off as a cross between SCORPIONS and GRAVESTONE.
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