Gathered LP 1982
Label: Electric Eye Records #: EELP 001 Country: Italy
Info: Probably the most orthodox new wave compilation ever to feature a HM track, and apparently quite cultified in Italy for its display of this scene. In Metal-circles it's mostly known for being the vinyl debut of occult horror-maniacs Death SS and the only contemporary release featuring the original Sylvester/Chain line-up.
Electric Eye also released some HM as 'Metal Eye Records' (Death SS 7", Crying Steel MLP, Heavy Metal Eruption comp..)
Re-issued on CD by Spittle Records in 2007 and later on vinyl (300 copies) in 2009 by the same label.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. VICTROLA - Into His Gloves
  Neo-psych/new wave.
2. STATE OF ART - Venice
  Jazzy new wave.
3. X-RATED - Tokyo Alert
  Funky new wave.
4. NOT MOVING - Baron Samedi
  Quite a cool mix of surf rock & new wave.
5. BLAUE REITER - A Correct Adulation Of Himself
  New wave.
6. DEATH SS - Terror
  Horror new wave ..no just kidding. Should you however come across a copy I recommend listening through the whole of side A just to experience the mindfuck of hearing these devilworshipping pioneers in this environment.
Same version which later turned up on the "Story Of Death SS 1977-1984" LP.

Side B:
1. DIRTY ACTIONS - Bandana Boys
  New wave.
2. B-SIDES - Automaton's
  Quirky new wave.
3. STYLE SINDROME - Waving In The Dark
  More new wave.
4. WAX HEROES - Maimed
5. EAZY CON - Haiti Blues
6. PANKOW - We Are The Joy
  -"- (made quite a career in the 'EBM' genre later on..)
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