Futbol Rossii 7" EP 1990
Label: Melodia #: C92 29921 001 Country: Russia
Info: Russian title: "Футбол России"

An awfully obscure Soviet sports-single celebrating Russian football. The C92 cat# instead of the usual C62 code (for popular music 7"s) tells us this was a so-called "special order" release not for sale in stores, but possibly a souvenir or give-away item to people in the footie-biz.
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Side A:
1. F. Mikheyenko, Ye. Polikanin - Futbol Russii
2. MAGNIT - Bol'shoy Khokkey
  2 minutes of wild and primitive speedy Metal with zaney keys and mad soloing recorded on what sounds like a 4-track. Pure "Foreign Metal" coolness and quite similar in style to the track "Memorandum" on the Dies Irae LP.

Side B:
1. I. Kobzon - Zvezda Futbola
  More swinging, pop-jazz fluff.
2. V. Konnov - Futbolist, Ulybnis'
  ...and even more, again.
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