Full Force Volume Two LP 1988
Label: Reaction #: UNREST 11 Country: England
Info: The cover says "Volume Two", though this is actually the third in the series of vaguely heavy themed compilations. As usual, no background information is given for the bands though most appear to be based in the UK.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TALISMAN - First Landing
  Hard progressive rock in the vein of The Plague era DEMON.
2. DEJA VU - Love Me Tonite
3. A PRYLE OF ACES - Box Of Delights
  Punky sleaze rock.
4. VARIOUS AREAS - Chill Factor Zero
  Progressive rock with glam overtones from this group that includes former members of the NWOBHM band TRACER.
5. CUSTOM PINK - Shout Out Loud
  Sounds like WARFARE but with a singer who would probably be better suited to a sleaze band.
6. TAROT - It Seems A Lifetime
  Melodic metal that sounds a bit like an amateur WRAITH.
  Sloppy speed metal with bad but charming vocals. Guitarist/vocalist Dee Moore, who started out in CRAZYLEGS CRANE, recently appeared in the original lineup for TRIGGERMAN.
8. HEARTSTONE - Set Me Free
  Catchy L.A. style metal that is unpolished enough to keep it a good distance from glam.

Side B:
1. SERIOUS CHAOS - The Innocent
  Pompy prog metal with feminine vocals.
2. GENEVA - Lonely Boy
3. GODSPEED - Gift Of Speed
  Traditional heavy metal with a strong gothic rock influence.
4. THE FLASH - In Time
  Alternative rock.
5. CRUSHED ORCHID - I'll Be There
  Good old fashioned hard rock.
6. TROUBLESHOOTERS - Don't Hide From Me
  Punk influenced glam.
7. RUMM - Into The City
  Keyboards at the beginning threaten to overpower the song but thankfully fade into the background so we can enjoy a traditional NWOBHM sound similar to SOLDIER.
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