Full Force Volume One LP 1988
Label: Reaction Records #: Unrest 10 Country: England
Info: Actually the 2nd volume in the series. A different volume without the "volume.." subtitle was released earlier the same year, keeping up with the label's haphazard and confusing rep.
I was sceptical about putting this album in the Metal-section since its infestation of utterly lame, commercial hr/aor. It's generally considered a Hard Rock/Metal series though so I still left it here, as a warning if you will..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PARISIENNE BLONDE - Walls Come Tumblin'
  Melodic Hard Rock semi-wimpery. Competent stuff tho'
2. OVERLORD - Walk Softly
  Good, creepy Metal/Hard Rock falling somewhere between Ozzy and M Fate.
EDIT: This is actually the very same Canadian band reviewed on The Corroseum ages ago.
3. MARINER - Lovers' Dreams
  Amateur hour aor.
4. PEROUX - Wheels Keep Turning
  Keyboard-driven melo-hr/aor borderline case.
5. WHO CARES ANYWAY...? - Who Cares Anyway...?
  I do. Catchy Hard Rock with a powerpop-flair, but it works out fine anyway.
  Ultra-dumb, punky riffing and silly new wave vocals, yet still sort of hardrockish I guess. Fun > good.
7. POWER - Sex, Whiskey And Rock'n'Roll
  Very telling title. It is of course party-friendly, sleazy Hard Rock made infamous by Mr. Roth a few years earlier.
8. DNA - Too Hot
  Mediocre hard rock with way too high-strung vocals.

Side B:
1. TYGA CLAW - Tyga Claw
  The first sign of (dated) NWOBHM sounds on here, albeit of the more hardrockin' kind.
2. DRESDEN STYLE - Cold Reality
  Upbeat, rough Hard Rock that sounds decievingly listenable only because of its hapless predecessors.
3. BABY'S BREATH - Hold On To Love
  Pompy/epic/meldic HR that just might be good for real this time.
4. RENDEZVOUS - Stranger In My Heart
  More mediocre HR. Not too aor-like this time.
5. LEGACY - Piece Of The Action
  Mellow fm-rock garbage.
6. M.O.B. - Stuck As A Duck (On You)
  *sigh* Even more mediocre HR. The same Swedish band who released the "Read My Hips" LP in 1990.
7. HOUSE OF DOLLS - Rock'n'Roll Zoo
  Horrid, estrogen-fueled sleazerock.
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