From The Megavault LP 1985
Label: Megaforce Records #: MRI1569 Country: USA
Info: Combination of Megaforce releases and rare/demo tracks. Comes with poster insert. Also on cassette.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MEDIEVAL STEEL - Battle Beyond The Stars
  Mid-paced power metal that is not terribly innovative but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. Taken from their legendary EP.
2. OVERKILL - Sonic Reducer
  Classic DEAD BOYS cover.
3. EXCITER - Death Revenge
  Raw, fast and aggressive speed metal, just like you'd expect from these guys.
4. T.T. QUICK - A Wing & A Prayer
  Very good sleaze metal with suberb vocals.
5. RAVEN - Take It Away
  Recorded at the Live At The Inferno concert but does not appear on that LP. Recalls a time when they didn't need anyone's money.

Side B:
1. IMPERIOUS REX - Red Diamonds
  Good hard rockish metal, somewhere between DOKKEN and SAVATAGE.
2. BLESSED DEATH - Pain Killer
  Speed/thrash with hardcore influences like early SLAYER but not even as good as, say, HALLOWS EVE. Demo version which was released as a bonus track on the CD reissue of Destined For Extinction.
3. S.O.D. - Ram It Up
  Pointless INFERNO cover. Released as a bonus track on most CD reissues of Speak English Or Die.
4. ANTHRAX - Panic
  Classic speed metal, this is the live-in-the-studio version from the Armed And Dangerous EP.
5. BLUE CHEER - Boney Maroney
  Cover of the 1950s hit that sounds like something TWISTED SISTER might do on an off day.
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