Friesland Pop Promosingle 4 7" EP 1991
Label: Stichting Friesland Pop #: SFP 91/4 Country: Netherlands
Info: Friesland Pop is an organization that have promoted the pop and rock scene of Friesland, Netherlands since the late 80's. Among many other releases they put out this series, the first 5 of which came out on 7" vinyl, the remaining 3 on CDEP. The 3 featured acts on this volume all partook in the 1991 "De Kleine Prijs Van Sneek" rock competition. Includes 2-sided instert.

(Volume 2 featured INCURSION DEMENTA, reprising a song also found on the Pûr Best - Stifting Hollebatsers LP, but otherwise this should be the only volume of interest to The Corroseum readers.)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FORD 5000 - Well I Say
  While probably belonging in the post-punk/hc niche, the doomy lead and wailing female vocals makes me think of Jex Thoth.
2. MEGAKRONKEL - Mega Maggie
  Alternative psych with a drum machine.

Side B:
1. DUST DEVIL - Chimes Of Paranoia
  Technical yet brutal proggy Thrash with the occational death-grunt. Kinda like "Deception Ignored"-Deathrow meets random NRR/Wild Rags manics. Apparently these guys were the winners of the abovementioned competition, which is unusual for The Token Metalband.
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