The Friday Rock Show LP 1981
Label: BBC Records #: REH 426 Country: England
Info: Actually the 2nd compilation of material from the legendary, live-in-studio "The Friday Rock Show" on BBC Radio 1 - the first being Metal Explosion from 1980. All tracks are different to later album/7" appearances.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SPIDER - What You're Doing To Me
  An oversimple rocker a la Vardis or Chevy, but still kinda nice.
2. DIAMOND HEAD - Don't You Ever Leave
  There's much, much worse ballads out there. This one is merely 'bland' = in the top 5%.
3. SWEET SAVAGE - Eye Of The Storm
  Raging Heavy Metal anno 1981! In the same league & style as their legendary debut 7".
4. LAST FLIGHT - Dance To The Music
  I don't foxtrot, but only a parplegic penguin could resist swinging his fist in the air to this classic NWOBHM-hardrocker.

Side B:
1. DEMON - One Hell Of A Night
  You know 'em, it's trad Hard Rock. Never got into it.
2. BLACK AXE - Edge Of The World
  If "Melodic NWOBHM" even counts as a genre, this would be one of its best and most defining songs. Later rerecorded as the title track of their fantastic LP debut as Wolf.
3. WITCHFYNDE - Belfast
  Schmallad of the worst "slow dance" kind. Thank doG it never turned up on any of their albums.
4. XERO - Cuttin' Loose
  Rockin' NWOBHM, fast & energetic with a wicked lead guitar. Different to Metal For Muthas Volume II-version.
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