Friday Afternoon II LP 1989
Label: Daedo Records #: DS-10008 Country: Korea
Info: Comes with 2 sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. 다크 메이지 [DARK AGE] - 시베리아
  A pounding opening anthem with just the right amount of Metal exoticism.
2. 활화산 [HWALHWASAN] - 그소리
  After a superb opening riff it takes a turn for the worse - standardized Street Metal w/ poor vocals.
3. 에덴 [EDEN] - The Dark Is The North World
  Doomy Metal with potential! Not that Xtra-special a song, but the kind of stuff that makes you wanna research the band some.
4. 그로스본즈 [CROSS BONES] - 야생의 섬
  Asian oddity alert! Sleazy hard rock meets Doom w/ raspy Steve Sylvester/Udo-style vocals. Best song on comp.

Side B:
1. 프라즈마 [PRASMA] - Loving Tonight
  Mainstream lovey-dovey HR with a melancholic streak pointing them in a Demon/melodic NWOBHM direction.
2. CRATIA - Tears Of Gypsy
  Finally some of that uptempo riff-metal a la Ruthless we all like! 
3. AVALANCHE - Let's Go
  Like a weaker, more middle-of-the-road version of the song before.
4. FRIDAY AFTERNOON - Living In A Rock
  "Hey Baby"-sleeze-rock nonsense. As an ending, the retarded ramblings of the vocalist in the outro is both a hilarious and sad.
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