Från Pop Till Ny Våg LP 1982
Label: Pang Records #: PLP 019 Country: Sweden
Info: The title translates "From Pop to New Wave" and the scale with the popcorn on the cover is another trademark Pang-pun, seeing as the word "våg" can mean both "scale" and "wave" in Swedish.
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(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE YOUNG BEATS - Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
  Poprock w/ fem vox.
2. THE YOUNG BEATS - Love Potion No. 9
  Pretty cute version of this ol' earring.
3. SBF - Taste Of Hell
  Quite orthodox Metal for such an early comp. Pure "Stained Class"-era J Priest worship with the mandatory young Halford clone. Neat!
4. SBF - Beyond The Barrier
  Even clonier in the vox-dept here. Simple, honest NWOHM nevertheless.
5. AVENUE - Tonight
6. AVENUE - Dreams
7. NEW PENTHOUSE - Vi Ska Visa
  Amateur borderline hard rock.
8. NEW PENTHOUSE - Gå Ner På Stan

Side B:
1. NEXT - Du Tog Me' Mitt Liv
  More amateurish rock that sort of crosses over into HR at times.
2. NEXT - Fem Dar Kvar
3. KEFFROTS - Radioaktiv
  Not too different from the last 2 acts but I guess this one does qualify as Hard/Heavy Rock, though of the totally unremarkable kind.
4. KEFFROTS - Flått Skinn, Coca Cola & Gin
  A great catchy tune, but more powerpop in style.
5. ÅNGEST - Sjölivet
6. ÅNGEST - Du O' Ja'
7. UNDERLINE - Sommarnatt
  Rock ballad.
8. UNDERLINE - Det Är Dej Jag Vill Ha
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