Four Kinds Of Metal LP 1989
Label: Minotauro Records #: M19/8905 Country: Italy
Info: A compilation album on Minotauro Records should be just about the coolest thing ever, but this proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Guess they were "trying out new things"... :(

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PURPLE ANGELS - Fire In The Sky
  Well surprise surprise: DEEP PURPLE-fans! Pretty mid-league as far as that sub-genre goes..
2. DRAGON ROGUE - Swetness Monger
  Stumbling, mainstream HR/soft-metal. Not only redundant, but amateurish and with lame vocals too!
3. DREAMS OF GLORY - When Hate Becomes Love
  The guitarist wants to think he plays Ze Real Steel, but as a whole this is slow & fatigued, mid-league melodic Metal (at best). The vocalist sounds downright sleepy, like you're playing a 45'er at 33 rpm.
4. ALLIED FORCES - American Girls
  This is pretty good Heavy Metal. More below-par vocals unfortunately (a bit like that guy in STEEL CROWN). Musically in the same vein as STEEL CROWN, REX INFERI, SABOTAGE etc..
5. ALLIED FORCES - Without Words
  Good babbadah-babbadah-instrumental ("without words", geddit?)

Side B:
1. DRAGON ROGUE - Troll Hattan
  Sort of epic/anthemic DIO-meets-WARLORD Steel - in other words impossible not to like, though the Epic Metal-competition is pretty ruthless from their home land. (I was thinking long and hard trying to squeeze in a joke here, relating to the Swedish town of Trollhättan, but failed to do so. My apologies.)
2. DREAMS OF GLORY - Shinin' Girl
  Hard to pin down, this one. Melodic hard rock meets a Heavier MARILLION perhaps?
3. ALLIED FORCES - Screamin' In A Bad Night
  One of the coolest song titles I've read in weeks! Rough'n'pounding ('n'rocking) Heavy Metal with some exquisit guitars. Reminds me of US weirdos LESTER MADDOX (!)
4. PURPLE ANGELS - Roundabout Of A Crazy Horse
  The DP-worhip is less obvious here. A cool & classy tune with progressive aspirations, occationally getting close to TEGEN HART-territories.
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