Formații De Muzică Pop III LP 1980
Label: Electrecord #: EDE 01637 Country: Romania
Info: The last in this Romanian underground rock compilation series to carry the "Formatii De Muzică Pop"-title - it was quickly reborn as "Formații Rock", presenting volume IV already later the same year. This one and #7 should be the only volumes in the series suitable for this page.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BASORELIEF - Drum Prin Cîmpie
  Soft, fluffy prog/psych/fusion.
2. IRIS - Corabia Cu Pînze
  Great, heavy & folksy Heavy Rock/proto-HM that sounds notably more original and exotic than their debut LP from 4 years later.
3. COLUMNA - Veniți Prieteni
  Shockingly fast, pounding FWORHM/Speed-Rock! Unfortunately the only known recording and life sign of the band.
4. HOLOGRAF - Lungul Drum Al Zilei Către Noapte
  Slow rock/ballad.

Side B:
1. GRUP 74 - Veniți Să Cîntăm
  Jazz rock.
2. ACADEMICA - Fata Visătoare
  Bluesy ballad.
3. BETTA - Lae Chioru
  Good folksy prog like fellow countrymen & gods Phoenix.
4. CRISTAL - Limba Noastră
  Heavy psych/prog borrowing some riffs from Sabbath's "Spiral Architect".
5. CROMATIC - Evoluție
  Instrumental jazz rock.
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