Forgotten Futures LP 1983
Label: Rapp Records #: RAPP 45679 Country: England
Info: Compilation of local bands on white vinyl. Rapp Records are perhaps better known among NWOBHM aficionados for releasing the SQUASHED PYRANNAH single.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FINAL PRAYER - Teddy Starts To Cry
  Punk/new wave.
  Very DIY alternative rock.
3. EXERCISE ONE - Shadows
  Possibly taking their name from the JOY DIVISION song, EXERCISE ONE play a similar style of indie rock but with some heavy as doom guitar.
4. RESPONSE - Trip Wire
  Two tone.
5. GURT STONKERS - Humpty Dumpty
  Light punk/hardcore.
6. JHAVANGELISMO RELIC - You Only Live Once, 'N' That (Part III)
  Loungey experimental/prog rock.
7. CHAPTER 29 - The Isolate
  Post-punk psychedelia.

Side B:
1. INDIA - Now Susan's Dead
  Mellow female fronted alt. rock.
2. BLABOIS - 7-Up
3. WOUNDED KNEE - Wounded Knee
  Native American influenced indie rock
4. THE UNIT - Broken Dream
  An enjoyable NWOBHM track with some RAMONES influence.
5. STRIKNENE - Voices
  Punk lite.
6. QUAZOR - Another Wasted Soul
  Prog rock that requires some patience but is worth listening to for the guitarwork near the end.
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