FM 104: Toledo's Best Rock 2 LP 1982
Label: Startream #: RTR-8240 Country: USA
Info: Compiled by Toledo, OH radio station WIOT as part of the Miller High Life 'Rock To Riches' Talent Search. Though it isn't stated anywhere on the album, this is actually the second volume.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE EXCEPTION - The Promise Of Love
  Female fronted heavy rock with some BLUE OYSTER CULT influences.
2. TELESIS - Not Ready For Love
  Borderline hard rock/AOR (sounds like a heavier version of LOVERBOY).
3. LETCHEN GREY - Must Be A Dream
  Great NWOAHM that sounds like BLITZKRIEG minus Brian Ross' famous screams. The Party Politics LETCHEN GREY supposedly formed the following year in California, but I can't help think that maybe they (or at least one member) moved there from Ohio bringing the name with him. It is derived from a line in JETHRO TULL's "Cross-Eyed Mary" but the misspelling makes it pretty unique.
4. BORDERLINE - The Sailing Song
  Folksy hard rock.
5. MASTER SINISTER - The Final Solution
  Fairly heavy for its time, but otherwsie just run-of-the-mill gritty US metal.

Side B:
1. ROCKY STONE - Don't Do Me No Favors
  AEROSMITH style rock, with perhaps some prog touches.
2. NOBODY'S KIDZ - Hold On Me
  OK, so the singer sounds a lot like Pat Benatar, but musically it is pretty riff-tastic.
3. STALLION - Pushin' On Me
  Heavily distorted southern rock.
4. SHADOWFAX - Pain In The Axe
  Nice speedy DEEP PURPLE style hard rock. Quite a bit heavier than their track on the first volume.
5. THE AYE BAND - Dark And Distant Corners
  Psych rock for the 80s.
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