Fast Forward To Hell LP 1987
Label: Metalworks #: VOV 664 Country: England
Info: First release on the label. I think.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DEATHWISH - Sword Of Justice
  One of UK's bestest old Thrash acts. Fucking mean and sooo underrated!
2. ANGEL DUST - Legions Of Destruction
  Pretty classy Speed/Thrash, without leaving a lasting impression.
  One of the strangest bands in Thrash history. One of their better songs though. Ancient review of mine here.
4. NECRONOMICON - Possessed By Evil
  Punked up Destruction-worship and bloody fantastic at that.
5. VIRUS - Malignant Massacre
  "Raw" & "primitive" Thrash. In the worst possible sense.

Side B:
1. EXUMER - Possessed By Fire
  Straight forward Thrash.
2. DEATHWISH - Demonic Attack
  Proves my point above. Killer chorus!
3. DELIVERANCE - Your Death
  Demented MonsterMetalThrash! Love/hate?
4. ANGELS OF MALICE - Fast Forward To Hell
  Only band on the LP of which no other recordings are known. (Studio project?) Quirky, kinda punky Thrash - but great!
5. VIRUS - T.N.T.
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