Europe's Best Metal LP 1986
Label: New Renaissance Records #: GWD90549 Country: USA
Info: The bankruptcy of Greenworld Distribution in 1986 is probably what got this planned NRR comp withdrawn at the last minute, making it the only officially unreleased test-pressing-exclusively Metal compilation I've ever come across = Holy Grail for us compilation connoisseurs! So far the copy I got off ebay some years ago is also the only copy I've heard about in circulation, but there are probably a few more copies out there to be found, seeing as NRR white-label promos/test pressings aren't that unusual on the whole. No credits are written anywhere on the record and no info sheet was included in my copy, so the track list had to be identified with a fair share of detective work, of which some credits go to the good people of The Corroseum forum.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BATTLECRY - Excalibur
  A perfect opener. They really sound exactly like their name, and quite a lot like Satan too! Later featured on the 2011 "Cry Of The Warrior" CD reissue of their demo on Stormspell Records.
2. [unknown artist]
  The yet unidentified mystery band doesn't give us much incentive for heavy research I'm afraid. While I usually have a soft spot for homely Accept-clones, this song is ruined by a mellow and nonsensical chorus.
3. CRYWOLF - A Crying Shame
  Standard ballad from the same band who later released "The First Twelve Inches" EP.
4. AVALON - Angle Of Eternity
  These uneven but mostly great Dutch offers us a not too aor'y melodic HR/HM standard. Later featured on the 2CD demo compilation "The Final Move (Remastered Works 1980-2006)" from 2006.
5. LOST GRAVITY - Your Dirty Lies
  Another Dutch bunch. Fast double-bass yum-yum like countrymen Emerald or Allied Forces. Also featured on The Heavy Touch compilation LP from the year before.

Side B:
1. SABOTAGE - Nightkiller
  Excellent Power/Speed meat about a "...killer in the night" <--should give you a feel for what sound we're talking about here. Same as "Behind The Lines" LP version.
2. MILLENNIUM - Caught In A Warzone
  Yep it's the UK lot. A brilliant, powerful piece of UK Steel that outmetals most of their old album material.
3. ARROWZ - (Back Street Lady) Sex Machine
  Trespass/Sweet Savage riffing + Heavy Load vocals & harmonies = superb FWOSHM that is ridiculously ahead of their old Pang Rec. 7".
4. IRON HORSE - Devil
  Chugga-chugga-chugga deadpan HM nonsense. Next.
5. BLACK ANGELS - Destroy
  Super-European riff-gluttony like Gotham City, Sad Iron or Steeler(GER). Not even the weak grunting vocals can bring this Norwegian classic down! Same as 7" version.
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