Eros / Camelot / Tubos De Plata LP 1985
Label: Damitor #: EPE-150 Country: Spain
Info: TDP released two 7"s in the years before this 3-way split, otherwise none of the featured acts seem to have made much of a mark in Metal history. All 3 bands were from Pamplona, in the northern Spanish region of Navarra.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. EROS - Bestias Urbanas
  The tune goes back and forth between nwobhm'y riffing and heavier powerpop but basically we're off to a good start, despite a bit of whining from the vocalist.
2. EROS - Atrapado
  Nice twin leads - and flutes! - in this straight-up NWOBHM-worshipper.
3. EROS - Papel Y Cartón
  I guess this is the way Iron Maiden must have sounded like in the 70's... A faster, snappy number also reminding me of Hyksos.
4. EROS - Anochece
  The limitations of the vocalist becomes a bit too clear on this otherwise promising, more anthemic track.
5. CAMELOT - Camelot
  The wonky, deadpan, almost-spoken vocals takes this one inch away from the edge of pure comedy, which is a shame because musically this had potential to be a True Epic.

Side B:
1. CAMELOT - Una Pintada En La Pared
  The vocals aren't nearly as weird here and this NotB-Maiden-meets-Berserks piece is one of the best tracks of the LP.
2. CAMELOT - Buenos Rollos
  Some great riff-lego in the intro leads to another nod to the best part of Maiden's 80's mixed up with Motörhead in a boogie-mood.
3. TUBOS DE PLATA - La Bestia
  AC/DC with a touch of Judas Priest ...which doesn't sound too original but here this mix turned out really successful.
4. TUBOS DE PLATA - Laberinto
  The crazy vocals of José Miguel Fernández is the single most outstanding feature about this LP and turns this basic, crunchy Blitzkrieg/Holocaust-style song into something quite unique.
5. TUBOS DE PLATA - Cicatrices
  TdP continues to dominate with this great, epic semi-ballad closer.
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