Epoka Dla Nas LP 1989
Label: Wifon #: LP 142 Country: Poland
Info: A Polish compilation of Russian (Leningrad, to be precise) underground rock recordings from 1986-1988. Occationally seen listed as "Czerwona Fala", though that's merely a slogan ("Red Wave") added to the front sleeve. All titles and even some of the band names are translated into Polish on the sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Good rock/punk/HR mix.
2. AKWARIUM - Ządza
  Synth/wave from one of Russia's premier alternative acts.
3. FRONT [Фронт] - Zwyciężymy
  After a few intro riffs sounding like something Judas Priest would have opened a lost 80's album with, we're presented with excellent raw SpeedThrash from these strong contenders for the CCCP-Thrash throne. Not quite as brutal as the Mortal Surgery LP though. Is this possibly the last remnant of that mythical 'lost album' of theirs? I've only come across this song on a live tape from '87 before, there called "Мы Поднимаем Свой Флаг".
4. AWIJA - Nocą Na Warcie
5. TELEWIZOR - Dzieci Odchodzą
  Slow goth/pop.

Side B:
1. ALISA - Powietrze
  Slow alterno-psych/rock.
2. A. WISZNIA - Hymn Wilkołaka
  Great alternative pop/goth.
3. KINO - Spokojna Noc
  More slow & depressing Cure-like stuff.
4. DDT - Rewolucja
  Slow, stomping rock.
5. IGRY - Czas Odebrał
  New wave.
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