Emision Pirata 1 LP 1991
Label: Madrid Records #: M.R. LP 0001 Country: Spain
Info: A compilation of live-in-studio recordings made on the classic Spanish HR/HM radio show with the same name, though the Sangre Azul track was recorded elsewhere. More of a HR- than HM-biased affair unfortunately. Titled "Emision Pirata Volumen 1" on the insert and "Emision Pirata - Vol. 1" on the label. Includes 2-page insert.
There was a 2CD volume 2 released in 1997, but this was a conventional mainstream sampler with mostly international artist including everything from Alice Cooper to Sepultura to Skid Row...

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Juan Pablo Ordúñez - Emision Pirata
  40-second chaotic Hard/Heavy-spoof intro.
2. TRIBU - Angel Caido
  More of a simple punk-rock tune.
3. CORAZONES NEGROS - Pequeño Ángel
  Raw & action-packed Hard Rock.
4. SUBTERRANEO - Cientos De Kilómetros
  Unfortunately a more mellow and unmetallic form of hard rock than on their great and mega-rare "Toledos" LP from 4 years earlier.
5. SANGRE AZUL - Sangre Y Barro
  Mainstream Great White-style radio-heavy that's decent for what what it is, just terribly generic. Apparently the last recording done by this band..

Side B:
1. SPARTO - Año Tras Año
  Run-of-the-mill rockmetal like some JP-"Point Of Entry" leftovers.
2. HAMLET - Rock! Rock!
  2 times the Rock but only half as original as the title would imply.
3. GEYSER - Shadows Zone
  Decent melodic nwobhm/fwoshm-style piece built upon a "Princes Of The Dawn"-like lead riff.
4. WICTORIA - Victoria
  Finally some proper Metal, though not quite worth the wait. Amateur early Helloween-influenced Power/Speed.
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