"Elementals UK HM" [?] LP 1989
Label: Blue Beat [uncredited] #: BBSLP 007 Country: England
Info: It's hard to tell exactly what the title is supposed to be, since what we have here is nothing less than the second known example of a test-pressing/white-label-only compilation release (Unfortunately it's not as exciting musically as Europe's Best Metal). The cat# reveales this was supposed to come out on the mostly ska-oriented UK label Blue Beat or possibly one of its sublabels - not as unlikely a notion as you'd think, considering they previously released the Thrash comp A Taste Of Armageddon. The band names and song titles are taken from Discogs and I have no idea what the original source was. Perhaps some copies included a promo/info sheet? All additional info would of course be very welcomed.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Very Americanized HM a la Fifth Angel or Sword and such, i.e. following in the footsteps of their previous albums plus some added melody & slickness. To my knowledge this is the only life sign of their unreleased 3rd LP session, later CD bonus tracks and comps included.
  Dio/Rainbow-Metal stomp, primitively executed. Demo version different to their LP on Heavy Metal Records.
3. FIRST STRIKE - Could This Be Love
  Melodic HR standard.
4. BATTLE CRIES - Domain
  Decent demo-SpeedThrash like a lackluster Nuclear Assaut.
5. CINCINATTI - The Party Line
  The consistent streak of ho-humness continues with your basic 'party-metal'/groovy hard rock.

Side B:
1. WORLD EXIT - Spirit
  The vocalist sound like Eric Wagner meets a very hoarse Ozzy but Doom it definitely isn't. A quite original and enjoyable piece of droning Heavy still.
2. LOAN SHARK - Back Street Love
  Back to mainstream 80's Hard Rock basics. Not bad, just terribly uninspiring despite the occational Priest'y vibes.
3. ENIGMA - Storm
  At least this qualifies as 'dated NWOBHM' and not too bad an example either. The strong female vocals is what saves this mid-pace Ebony-type Metal standard.
4. DIRTY SIDE - Suicide
  Another female-fronted number, Glam Metal being the name of the game.
  The cocky, Jagger'y vocals gives this melodic hardrocker a push into listenable territory.
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