Eighties Colours LP 1983
Label: Electric Eye Records #: EELP 003 Country: Italy
Info: From the same label who brought us the DEATH SS debut (and the awesome Heavy Metal Eruption on their sublabel Metal Eye) comes this 80's garage rock compilation. Just one non-Metal track from a Metal (mostly) artist, but worth a mention...

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SICK ROSE - Do You Live In A Jail
  Heavy garage fuzz w/ pumping organ.
2. PARTY KIDZ - Nothin' Changes
  Classic garage rock.
3. OUT OF TIME - Have You Seen The Light Tonight
  Poppy garage rock.
4. NO STRANGE - The New World
  Fuzzy ballad.
5. DOUBLE DECK FIVE - Do You Like What You See
  Pure, primitive 60's psyche-fuzz.

Side B:
1. TECHNICOLOUR DREAM - Vinyl Solution
  Soft psyche.
2. BIRDMEN OF ALKATRAZ - Song For The Convict Charlie
  Pop-psych w/ a touch of Violent Femmes.
3. FOUR BY ART - I'm Having Fun
  Straight-up garage/psych.
4. PRESSION X - I Failed To Fall
  Punky garage w/ bad vocals.
  Released (and recorded?) between the "Detaching From Satan" debut and the "In The Darkness" LP this should count as prime era PCVT, but the song is dark, doomy/droney pshych/kraut. One of his/their better outings into this genre I must say. Later featured on the "Mirror" comp CD from 1997/DLP from 2014.
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