Eesti Pop No. 11 - Rock LP 1990
Label: Melodia #: С60 29843 000 Country: Estonia
Info: Vol. 11 in a series of 12 compilation albums on Soviet state label Мелодия, documenting the Estonian pop & rock scene. This is the only volume in the series containing anything Hard or Heavy.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KULO - Ahvid
  Quirky & wacky alterno-rock like Kumikameli or other old Finn-rock weirdos.
2. RÖÖVEL ÖÖBIK - Inner Sun
  (Röövel... *snigger*) Poppy Sonic Youth-style pop.
3. LONG LOFF - On The Wheels
  An awfully Aerosmith-sounding lead riff aside it's fairly enjoyable party-HR stuffs.
4. SHOWER - Abandoned
  Drudgering mid-pace Thrash a la "Justice For All"-era 'tallica. Some decent riffing are diminished by the contrieved Hetfield-grunts of the vocalist.

Side B:
1. LONG LOFF - Moonrider
  A tad more NWOBHM-sounding a piece but this is basically classic Deep Purple-worship. This and their previous track are both different versions to the ones on their 7" EP from the same year.
2. KULO - Haiged
  Even more ridiculous & wacky alterno-rock/prog.
3. RÖÖVEL ÖÖBIK - Everyman Manners
  Wild & noisy post-punk.
4. SHOWER - Mirror Man
  Stale & angular techno-thrash. Better than the A-side but the vocals are still a downer.
5. LINNUTEE - Don't Shoot The Angel
  Fluff and inoffensive alternative pop/rock.
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