Eastern Front - Live At Ruthie's Inn DLP 1986
Label: Restless Records #: 72184-1 Country: USA
Info: Only the first record (side A+B) was completely recorded live at this legendary Berkley club, while the second (side C+D) was mostly demo recordings. Various tracks from this DLP was compiled into a single LP and released in Europe as "US Speedcore Invasion" on Disaster Records.
As a music history lesson it probably shows the lineage between US Thrash and US Hardcore better than most other compilations out there..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. D.R.I. - I Don't Need Society [..though the track order on the back list it as"Yes Mamma"]
  A HC classic. These guys just got worse the more they Crossed Over..
2. D.R.I. - Soup Kitchen
  Mid-pace HC, still no Metal, still great.
  Sometimes referred to as a Metal band, but here they're 100% (and great!) hardcore. Not listed on the back sleeve tracklist for some reason.
4. VIOLENCE - Gutter Slut
  They sound a lot more HC/crossover with their old vocalist here. Could be the raw live sound too...
5. HEXX - Edge Of Death
  Genre-typical US Powerthrash, not the best nor the worst.
  One the finest grrl-fronted Speed Metal bands ever. Musically right up there w/ Destructor and Powerlord.

Side B:
1. RAW POWER - Fuck Authority
  More relentless HC mayhem, oldest school so far. Nice!
2. LAAZ ROCKIT - Awesome
  Guitar solo. Got some decent dark/harmonic passages..
3. FUHRER - War
  Totally ridiculous out-of-tune Thrash/crossover blurr, like a really really really bad Hirax or Stark Raving Mad.
4. TYRANNACIDE - Unknown Soldier
  A sloppy mess from America's 2nd-hand crossover bin. Raw proto-Death Metal vocals & riffs (poor man's Incubus?) makes them barely listenable.
5. FORBIDDEN EVIL - March Into Fire
  One of their finest tracks in a wild & messed up live version. (That's the Thrash band FORBIDDEN under their old name for the clueless..)
6. MORALLY BANKRUPT - Malinger With The Devil
  Hardcore w/ some cool start-stop quirks.

Side C:
1. SACRILEGE - Skinned Alive
  ...a.k.a. Sacrilege B.C. Bland Speed Metal/Crossover-crossover a la DBC, Lethal Aggression etc.. Later featured on the CD reissue of "Party With God" in 2008.
2. ANTI-MOMB - So What's Up
  Really cool mix of HC and Metal/HR, like Dead Kennedys meets NY Mayhem meets punky nwobhm.
3. RUFFIANS - Run For Cover
  Legendary melodic US Metal cultsters coming out of nowhere (!?)
4. HEATHEN - Goblin's Blade
  Demo version of this sing-a-long US PowerSpeed classic. Later featured as bonus on several CD-reissues of "Breaking The Silence".
5. DEATH ANGEL - Mistress Of Pain
  Proves the point of how many of these Thrash Classics sounded a whole lot better on demo v/s Debut Album.
6. CHRONIC PLAGUE - The Inquisition
  Dumb & generic Thrash/crossover.

Side D:
1. LEGACY - Reign Of Terror
  Pre-Testament at their most stripped down. And fastest. And best.
2. BLOOD BATH - Blood Bath
  Fuckoff speedpunks or Nun Slaughter-cousins or something inbetween.
3. MESSIAH - The Tempter
  Good, solid Techno-Thrash. No relation to the amazing "Final Warning" LP act.
4. BLIND ILLUSION - Smash The Crystal
  Sneakin-up-from-behind-ya' clever PowerThrash. Like Nuclear Assault w/ a guitar hero.
5. AFTERMATH - Win Lose Or Draw
  Defintely not the Chicago act and probably not the Arizona band either, this is just great NWOAHM/HR 5 years too late.

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