Dream Sequence LP 1986
Label: Stellar Voice Productions #: SVP 02-86 Country: USA
Info: Compilation from Columbia, MD that features bands from the surounding areas (Washington D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland) plus the peculiar inclusion of Canadians EDENLORD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FLASH - It's Hot
  Unusual new wave.
2. MY THREE SONS - I Will Repent
  Alternative rock.
3. STRIPSEARCH - Secrets
  Sloppy, poppy AOR.
4. MADISON DRIVE - Only Human
  Great fast-paced hard rock/metal with some cool NWOBHM style leads.
5. RANDALL TOLMAN - Neat And Tight
  DEVO-like post-punk/new wave strangeness.
6. TRAVELLER - Surveillance
  Jazzy progressive rock instrumental.

Side B:
1. SAM AND FRIENDS - That's Life
  Progressive jazz rock.
2. MOTIV - Time
  Soft rock, or maybe an AOR ballad.
3. STEVE STONE - Ruff Around The Edges
  Glam/sleaze rock.
4. FRONT ROW - Stop The Rain
  Alternative rock with progressive touches.
5. EDENLORD - The Last Paradise
  The epic parts remind me of MANILLA ROAD, but it's mixed with raw crossover speed metal sounding parts and the whole thing is drowned in a muddy production rendering it more interesting than good.
6. THE SIMIAN LEAGUE - Ham, The First Astronaut
  Instrumental synth music.
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