Drag Utan Droger LP 1980
Label: Tälje Musikklubb #: TMK 001 Country: Sweden
Info: The 1st volume of 2 released by music organization Tälje Musikklubb from Södertälje, Sweden. The title translates roughly "Groove Without Drugs".

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STUDIO SEX - One By One
  Energetic (hard) rock'n'roll.
2. TONMORD - Öppna Ögonen
  Groovy Hard Rock w/ a garage-edge that's hard not to like.
3. ARLEEP - City By Night
  It might not sound as a recommendation, but this Kiss-flavoured (Unmasked/Dynasty-era) melodic hardrocker ain't half bad, really.
4. BRASSWIND - Things On My Mind
  Rock/swing instrumental w/ horns.
5. WARPIGS - Nuclear - Such A Waist [sic?]
  Punk/pub rock hybrids, unfortunately.

Side B:
1. WARPIGS - I'm An Alcoholic
  Clumsy punk/powerpop.
2. BRASSWIND - Funky People
  Spy-movie-soundtrack funk rock.
3. ARLEEP - Golden Town
  Not totally useless semi-ballad.
4. TONMORD - Uppbrott
  More basic rock than their A-side offering.
5. STUDIO SEX - Radio
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