Double Up DLP 1987
Label: private #: unt 7 1 Country: Sweden
Info: 22 runner-ups in the Swedish nationwide rock competition Rock-SM '87. The tracklist on the back and on the labels are completely different and none of them are correct. Some copies included an insert with the correct one. Came in a gatefold sleeve (just boring sponsor ads - not worth scanning).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  A little gem of Epic Swedish Metal, all about swords, battlefields and other goodies. "Rise, Rise, a sword to fight..."
2. ABU ZIMBEL - Hunter
3. MIGHTY LIGHT - He's Alive
  Xian aor.
4. BAD CONTROL - You Creap [sic]
  Garage/hard rock'n'roll.
5. WHITE LIGHTNIN' - Weekend In Hell
  Raw & raunchy, Ac/Dc-like Hard Rock.
6. EXIL - Loving Ain't Easy
7. BLIZZARD - Fading Away
  Simple but effective galloping Metal. Different to 12" version.

Side B:
1. METAL AXE - Breake [sic] Out
  Starts out promising but ends up a poor Euro-Metal standard w/ awful vocals.
2. KINGS CLUB - Rock This Town
  Sleazoid Metal/HR in vein of mid-80's Ozzy.
3. GRAND VISION - All I Live For
  Lightweight hr.
4. WHITE ANGEL - Mine Tonight
5. ENFORCE - Mother Earth
6. SILVER WINGS - In The Night
  Wimpy melodic HR.

Side C:
1. SYANID - Undercover Love
2. FAIRY TALES - Beyond The Death
  Songwise it's pretty neat Metal reminding me of Ostrogoth or Tyran Pace, but the nasal vocals ruin it.
4. EDEN - Reach Your Hands Out
  Amateurish HR w/ more shitty vox.
5. THE BEER HUNTERS - Drinking Beer
  Hardish rock, not as dumb as you'd think from the name+title. Decent guitarwork.
6. TWILIGHT - Searching
  Dumb & simple HR w/ maybe a half-decent riff or 2.
7. HARLEKIN - Feel The Heat
  Not completely useless melodic Hard Rock.

Side D:
1. ROCK SQUAD - The Escape
2. ATTENTION - Misery
  Out-of-tune guitars dragging down a pretty cool melancholic/melodic Metal tune.
3. VANGUARD - All Night Long
  Might very well be the same band that did the great but elusive "V" mlp in '85. Here they've lost their classic Metal trail in favour of the blandest of bland HR.
4. RA - Tystnadens Musik
  Poppy prog.
5. HAZY - King Of The Universe
  Very typical Swedish melodic HR/Metal, but these guys were really good at it, mostly thanx a a tasty 70's vibe. Different to MLP version.
6. RELEASE - You And Me Again
  (Hard?) rock ballad.

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