Doomsday News II LP 1989
Label: Noise #: N 0130 Country: Germany
Info: Also available on cassette and CD. Includes lyric sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CORONER - Hate, Fire, Blood
  Rather pointless one minute speed fest.
2. WATCHTOWER - Dangerous Toy
  Tech thrash has never been my thing, but I can't deny that they do what they do well.
3. MIDAS TOUCH - Aceldama - Terminal Breath
  Sounds a bit like a technical version of ATROPHY, but sadly without the traits that made ATROPHY so good.
4. DEATHROW - Machinery
  German thrash with a progressive edge, like KREATOR meets FATES WARNING.

Side B:
1. MORDRED - The Artist
  With none of their trademark funk influence to be found, this is actually some enjoyable Bay Area thrash. Sloppier but with more emotion than the LP version.
2. RAGE - Mirror
  A good example of how RAGE combines power metal choruses with thrash riffs. This was included as a bonus track on the CD reissue of Secrets In A Weird World, but could easily have been an album track.
  Groovy power-thrash with a definite DESTRUCTION influence. Good stuff.
4. MANIA - Break Out
  Quality German power metal of the variety that Noise Records earned a reputation for in the mid 80s.
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