De Vrolijke Krisis LP 1982
Label: Varagram #: AB 75 Country: Holland
Info: A compilation of young bands who partook in the "Vrolijke Krisis" festival in October 1982, organized by the Stichting Popmuziek Nederland organization. 2-sided insert w/ lyrics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BREZNEFF - Radio
  Catchy, charming & upbeat rock w/ a wavy touch.
2. SUPER SONIC SEASICK BAND - Do I Really Want To Work
  Rock/pop w/ a ska-beat.
3. ROCKVILLE - Another Shot
  More wavy rock.
5. ROCKVILLE - 5072
  Laid-back rock.
6. BREZNEFF - No Nukes
  More of that ambivalent, genre-less early 80's rock..

Side B:
1. WORKMATES - Ik Ben Er Maar Weer 'ns Ingetuind, Het Lied Van De Vrolijke Krisis
  Punkish rock.
2. SZMOTSZ - Piece Of Paper
3. KLUTZ - Hoog Catharijne
4. RFB - If I Could
  Good NWOHM that sort of sounds like Sabbath's "Hole In The Sky" at Motörhead-speed. Same band who later appeared on the Metal Power IV 7" comp EP and had a 7" out on Ivory Tower records in '85.
5. SZMOTSZ - Greece I
  Slick pop-rock.
6. RFB - Stuck
  Total Fast Eddie Clark-worship on the guitars of this even faster number. I'd say both these songs surpasses as well as outheavy their later material.
7. KLUTZ - Gewenning
  Soft, jazzy pop-wave.
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