Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil (Hold Up Omnibus) LP 1986
Label: Hold Up Records #: HU 2501 Country: Japan
Info: A surprisingly successful mix of Metal and HC from this classic Japanese label. Came with obi, insert and sticker sheet. (front sleeve w/out obi).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GHOUL - Death City
  Darkened, Deathlike Speed Metal like the faster C.Frost tunes of olde. This band belonged in the same eclectic 'Jap-core' niche as GISM, here in their most Metal mood. Later featured on the "1984-1989" compilation CD from 2004.
2. UNITED - Positive War
  The same pre-Anthrax-worhipping UNITED we've enjoyed on their debut 7". The haunting mid part of this already gruesomely heavy piece makes it a band favourite.
3. LIP CREAM - Top Fight
  Great, raw HC punk from of Japan's finest.
4. SAVER TIGER - Dead Angle
  Brace for epicness! A stunning mix-tape opener by 'the other SABER TIGER' featuring Hide, later in X Japan. A Japan Power Metal top-5'er..
5. CITY INDIAN - 8-9-3
  More raw hc punk with a slight hint of Misfits.
6. CASBAH - Lock The Express
  The original Japan Deathrashers, Sick 'Hell Awaits'-Slayer meets Possessed in a Tokyo back alley. Later featured on the "Dinosaurs" compilation CD from 1998.

Side B:
1. UNITED - Bite Yourself
  Sounds like something falling off an early Running or Warrant(Ger) album, so of course it's good stuff.
2. LIP CREAM - Radimental Trouth
  More good'n'crazy Jpn-core.
3. CASBAH - Desperate War
  A pounding HM standard. Their "Seek And Destroy" perhaps? Later featured on the "Dinosaurs" compilation CD from 1998.
4. CITY INDIAN - Mad Sister
  Great Ramones-style punk rock.
5. SAVER TIGER - Emergency Express
  Another fast & flawless Power Metal hymn in that German-Power/Speed-meets-NWOBHM style (i.e. very Maiden'y) that we all love.
6. GHOUL - Flash Back
  An experimental, haunting Thrash instrumental. File under 'Weird Japan'. Later featured on the "1984-1989" compilation CD from 2004
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