Detonation LP 1990
Label: Reset #: R1 0001-1 311 Country: Czechoslovakia
Info: Good, diverse content and mostly unknown acts. One of the better EastEuro-comps for sure.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ČERNA HORÁ - Zrazavá Blondýna Černé Hory
  Good'n'tight instrumental with cool breaks and a Steve Harris bass-tone.
2. VELKÁ MORAVA - Speed Metal
  Fast Power Metal with some neo-classical guitar and high vocals. Proud, anthemic & excellent!
3. SAX - Čaroděnice
  Great, darkened Speed Metal like their countrymen ARAKAIN ..or possibly HOLY TERROR - hurrah!
4. TAXI - Hádi Král
  More metallic than their Rockmapa-series 7" from the year before. Original, uplifting, slightly progressive melodic HM. If only they'd made more stuff like this...
5. BARBARELLA - Sólo Tanečník
  That kind of double-bass-drum-injected melodic Metal with keyboards and a wailing, "talented" vocalist I'm sure you're all familiar with. Another good one.

Side B:
1. SPILBERG - Svět Nás Volá
  Melodic HR/aor like on their Rockmapa-series 7", there credited as SpilberK.
2. VELKÁ MORAVA - Ej, Milá Moja...
  Uppety/quirky PowerSpeed with a clown-face and catchy, sort of folksy melodies. I like it!
3. LORETTA - Zlost
  One of the better songs from the one and only LP by this all-girl trad HM band, here in a slightly different version and/or mix. Ancient review of mine.
4. TAXI - Královna Krásy
  Fluffy muso-aor, but some melodies do catch on.
5. SAX - Dg. 303
  Fast/slow/fast Thrash-standard. Different to LP version.
6. ČERNA HORÁ - Hrádny Ležák
  Another instrumental and downright killer this time around! More Speed Metal here + awesome riffing & melodies.
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