Destroika LP 1989
Label: Wanted/EMI #: 7 93566 1 Country: France
Info: Not mega-rare, but quite a seldom mentioned Russian Metal-release that was also the vinyl debut of both KORROZIA METALLA and SHAH. Recorded live in Moscow, April '89. Why it was released by a French sublabel to EMI is truly a great mystery... Also available on CD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HARD DAY [a.k.a. Heavy Day/Tyazholvyj Den'] - Flight
  Uppetytempo Metal/HR which really doesn't stick out in any way - apart from the occational "evil" vocal bits.
2. HARD DAY - Beware Of Sting
  Yes, he's a nasty bugger ain't he? Plain, laid-back HR.
3. BLACK COFFEE - Falling In Love
  80's Scorpions-style HR.
4. BLACK COFFEE - Dream At Night
5. KOROSIA METALLA [sic?] - Russian Vodka
  One of their more "funny" novelty-Metal songs. A really cool & likeable Crossover-tune, but a poor representative of their otherwise outstanding Euro-Speed/Thrash style of yore.

Side B:
1. MASTER - I Don't Want
  Solid Speed/Thrash like all those Polish or US bands of the time.
2. MASTER - Hands Off
  Good Noise Rec-style melodic PowerSpeed.
3. FORT ROSS - Vicious Circle
  The "mystery band" of the album presents great, speedy Power Metal like Turbo or Rage with some nwobhmy riffin' added.
4. SHAH - Save The Human Race
  The least "exotic"-sounding band of the lot, easlily described as a Sacred Reich-clone.
5. SHAH - Total Devastation
  ...though if you're a die-hard fan of the late 80's Thrash sound they're certainly not bad at all, just terribly unoriginal.
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