Descarga Norte LP 1988
Label: Discos Suicidas #: DS-68 Country: Spain
Info: The greatest 80's Basque Metal comp ever made and as close to a Spanish Norway Rocks as you'll ever get I'm sure. Comes with insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ROCK D.A.M. - Lucha Desigual
  Speed/Power with sharper teeth than most other Spanish bands of this sort.
2. B.O.2. - Condenados Al Olvido
  Some INSANELY great riffing in this Power-anthem bound to blow you away. The unusual vocals fit in perfectly.
3. U.T.M. - Vende Tu Alma Al Diablo
  A bit rigid, but still good'n'raw'n'fast Metal. Sloppy but lotsa ompf!
4. ESTIGIA - Noche Fria
  Don't know if to label this Crossover or just Power/Speed played "too fast". Most of the riffing is certainly more Metal than punk and the end result turns out awesome.
5. CAID DECEIT - Babilonia La Grande
  Tight, guitar-oriented Heavy/Power of international class.

Side B:
1. ROCK D.A.M. - Sodoma Y Gomorra
  More great Powerspeed sounding like a rougher, faster Running Wild.
2. B.O.2. - Antimilitar
  A really catchy Speed/Metal tune with a touch of melodic punk, in turn making them sound a bit like US Carnage.
3. U.T.M. - Dejame En Paz
  Slays their A-side contribution. Killer Power Metal with top-notch riffing.
4. ESTIGIA - El Suicida
  Mid-pace, chugging Thrash seldom turns out this great imo. Superb stuff with very effective tempo changes.
5. CAID DECEIT - Mercenario
  Fucking hell this SHREDS! Glorious Power Metal with fantastic Maiden/Omen leads.
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