Dem Nachwuchs Eine Chance! LP 1982
Label: Punkt #: RP 10171 Country: Germany
Info: Produced by the Saarbrücken youth magazine Punkt, to promote young local rock talent. Gatefold sleeve w/ band info and liner-notes. Not the first b/w picture of a baby with headphones in my record collection, but probably the last.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ICECAVE - Heavy Rockin'
  More Rockin' than Heavy and with almost hilariously bad vocals.
2. ICECAVE - Top Joke
  Instrumental rock'n'roller.
3. STANDGAS - Zurück In Der Stadt
  Garage rock.
4. STANDGAS - Deutschland, Deutschland
  Slow, generic rocker.
5. REBIRTH - How Much I Love You
  Rock ballad.
6. REBIRTH - Tune Is Evil
  Just when you think the ballad intro might turn into something heavy it goes ska-rock instead, though there is some heavy 70's guitar work towards the end.

Side B:
1. SYMBIOSE - Starfighter
  Medium-Rock, once again with really bad vocals.
2. SYMBIOSE - Discothing
  Jazzy rock.
3. GOSB - Johnny Walker, Du Bist Mein Bester Freund
  Boogie rock.
4. GOSB - Telephone
  Slow melodic rocker.
5. WILD AXIS - Wild Axis
  Only one song? And hidden away as the last song of the album? Yes, of course it's the token Metal band. A 6+ minute semi-epic piece of classic Heavy, pounding Olde Metal that's more of a welcome ending to an otherwise poor album rather than an unforgetable classic.
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