Death Metal Session LP 1990
Label: Direkt #: DT-0001-1311 Country: Czechoslovakia
Info: Despite the title none of the bands would fit the Death Metal-monicker as we know it today - Thrash would be the proper medium here (though classic acts like TÖRR and ROOT were surely as groundbreaking and ahead of their time as any western DM-embry of the day). With insert.
A live VHS comp called "Death Metal Session II" also exists, though it's a private release from some of the featured bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Heavy, chopping, brooding Metal similar to countrymen Törr. A bit one-dimensional but a cool obscurity for fans of the trademark Czech sound.
2. MORIORR - Extrémní Kreativita
  Neat, weird & stale Deathrash with Drakar-like vocal sundeffects and lousy (digital?) drum sound. A poor man's Root perhaps but still pretty sweet.
3. ABAX - Overkill
  Fancy an East-Euro Abattoir? Good Speed Metal with slightly more melodic vocals than the rest of the featured bands.
4. MAMUT - Narcis
  Rigid, machine-like Thrash with a handful of decent breaks.

Side B:
1. LOCHNESS - Zour Péro Kur
  All-girl act in the primitive German SpeedThrash style of Violent Force, Darkness etc.. Cute.
2. ROOT - Hrbitov
  Haunting'n'chanting, super-stale & diciplined. And eviler than Hitler with a hangover. A pretty good decription of the early days of this cult act I'd say.
3. TERMINATOR - Pravoe
  Fast, brutal Thrash the Kreator-way.
4. BRIAN - Celem Ke Zdi
  More of that really fast Thrash-thing, though less dark & awkward than the other contenders, A bit more US-sounding a la Death Angel etc.
5. TÖRR - Válka S Nebem
  Funny how much this sounds like Nifelheim, but it is of course the other way around. Speeded up & brutalized Celtic Frost at its finest!
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