Convicted To The Avant Garde MC 1989
Label: Underground Express #: UE001 Country: USA
Info: An assortment of Cleveland area metal bands compiled by Roger Ganley, manager of SEVERE WARNING. Note that the bootleg label named after this compilation has no relation to Underground Express.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SEVERE WARNING - A Good Day?!
  A decent thrash metal band who appeared on many other compilations, both locally and internationally.
2. NIGHTCRAWLER - The Way You Are
  This song stands out from the thrash pack as NWOBHM inspired hard rockish L.A. style metal (like WITCH for example). Same as LP version.
3. SYNASTRYCHE - Fight For Position
  The fast riffs and proto-death metal vocals remind me a bit of INCUBUS' Serpent Temptation.
4. MADDOXX - Death Sentence
  VENOM inspired death/thrash. The band had already split up by the time of this release but some members continued on, teaming up with members of Cleveland's BLASPHEMY.
5. MUTANT SOLDIER - Hunger For Your Life
  DIY thrash metal that owes a lot to HOLOCAUST's glory days.
6. PARALYSER - Government Issue
  Techno-thrash with ridiculous warbly high-pitched vocals.

Side B:
1. SINISTER - Breathe Deep and Die
  Speed/thrash like early FLOTSAM & JETSAM.
2. THE SPUDMONSTERS - I'll Dot Yer Eye
  Crossover thrash band who also appeared on the Heavy Artillery and Distant Thunder cassette comps.
3. RAGING GRACE - Melting Ground
  Fairly generic thrash metal.
4. CENTURION - Be Warned
  Same dark atmosphere as their Cross And Black LP, but in a fast-paced thrash style.
5. LETHAL CONCEPTION - Unforgotten Tragedies/Storms Of Terminal Annihilation
  An early rough mix of two songs that appeared on their 1988 demo. The more melodic parts remind me of ATROPHY, but ultimately most of it is forgettable.
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