Colour Chart 1 LP 1982
Label: Colour Records #: Country: Belgium
Info: The first in a series of 3 compilations on the medium-size, Belgian Colour Records label. I'm doubtful about the relevance of the following 2 volumes though - apart from the rare (and arguably excellent) TRIAL mini-LP, these guys didn't have any noticable Heavy Metal-focus to speak of.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Super-lush pop with kulty keys.
2. Javori Philippe - Here I'm Standing In The Dark
  Electro-pop with a wavy disco-beat.
3. EMBALLAGE CADEAU - Hit It, Part One
  Funky new wave.
4. ANGRY VOICES - Final Escape
  New wave/goth a la Joy Divison.
5. SIAM SUR - Squared
  More minimal, gothoid new wave.
6. HAMMER - I'm On My Way To Hell
  1st-Maiden-LP-influenced mom's-garage HM. On the upside it has a nice tempo and the short Mercyful Fate'y break towards the end saves it from death by monotony.

Side B:
1. THE IMPORT - Joyridin
2. ELEGANT GYPSY - Not So Easy
  Funk again.
3. GUILT - I'll Be Back
  Rock with proggy keyboards and bad vocals.
4. LIFTER - On The Wall
  After a "Planet Caravan"-type beginning this ends up sounding like some ultra-obscure proto-NWOBHM, £500+, 1979 7" that the world forgot (i.e. musically not that special at all).
5. FIRST IMPRESSION - Terry's Life
  Progish Hard Rock semi-ballad, not quite as heavy as the previous song.
6. BODIES - Samoerai
  Oddball psych/prog with wavy ending.
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