Chicago Metal Works 7 CD 1991
Label: Silver Fin #: SF 1551 Country: USA
Info: The last of the Chicago Metal Works series which by this time had really lost sight of what metal is. Kept out of the mixed comps-list for continuity-reasons only).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. NIKKI FOXX - Read My Lips
  MOTLEY CRUE style glam/sleaze.
2. DEFCON - Blame It On The Night
  Blues-based melodic hard rock.
3. FUGITIVE - Heart In Place
4. DAISY CHAIN - Psychadelic Neighbor
  Gritty hard rock like SLAVE RAIDER.
5. THEATRE - Sexy Lady
  Glammy hard rock.
6. CUTTLASS - Rock Hard In The Right Place
  Melodic metal with the singer's high pitched vocals sounding a lot like Mark Slaughter in parts.
7. SWEET SYBIL - Remember When
8. NO ROMEO - Lost Angel
  Hard rock that is something of a cross between BLUE MURDER and BON JOVI.
9. BROAD ST. BULLIES - Broken Dreams
  Lighter, amateurish DOKKEN fare.
10. UZI - Rocker
  Monotonous hard rock/sleaze.
11. INSANIA - Somewhere Under The Guardian
  Firmly in the HEIR APPARENT/CRIMSON GLORY/HITTMAN mold of QUEENSRYCHE influenced metal, but original enough to please most fans of the style.
12. BOMBS AWAY - Girl Like You
  Bluesy hard rock.
13. ONYX - Social Eyes
14. VOYAGER - Gil's Tune
  Melodic metal with progressive touches.
15. ROMANTIC FEVER - Walk In The Wild
  All girl band formed from the remains of TOUGH LOVE who appeared on Chicago Class of '85. This is a more melodic song in the vein of KILLER DWARFS.
16. VANDAL - Misery Loves Company
  Sort of a less metallic SKID ROW.
17. GYPSY BLUE - Thorn In Your Side
  Dreadful glam/sleaze.
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