Chicago Metal Works 6 CD 1990
Label: Silver Fin #: SF 1550 Country: USA
Info: One of the more commonly seen entries in this series featuring local Chicago acts.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. MENAGERIE - Win, Place, Or Show
  Enjoyable hard rock/glam.
2. REDD BARRON - Dow Jones
  Great US metal like LEATHERWOLF, but a tad weak in the vocal department.
3. MYTH - Lost Without You
  Abysmal poppy AOR style keyboards pollute this otherwise decent prog metal semi-ballad.
4. CANDYLAND - Illegal
  Catchy L.A. style metal like fellow Chicagoans DIAMOND REXX with a bit of a Jake E. Lee guitar sound.
5. JESTER'S TEAR - Can't Change My Heart
  Sounds like POISON on MTV Unplugged. Barf!
6. STICK M UP - Sleezy Talk Catwalk
  Bluesy sleaze rock.
7. CATCH 22 - Lady Jayne
  More acoustic glam nonsense.
8. CITY TRIKX - Stop Teasing
  Sleaze metal like early L.A. GUNS.
9. AWOL - The System
  Post-glam melodic hard rock.
10. ALBATROSS - When You're Alone
  Danceable sleaze metal with whiny vocals and some surprisingly thoughtful guitar work in parts.
11. BLOODSHOT - Buyer
  Refreshingly dated L.A. style metal.
12. STONEHENGE - Blind Under Wing
  The opening promises some cool TROUBLE style doom, but what we get is power metal like the lesser material from ARTCH or JAG PANZER.
13. STYGIAN - Seconds 'Til Death
  Run-of-the-mill Metal Blade style thrash (like NASTY SAVAGE or HALLOWS EVE for example). The singer is Gary Golwitzer, though his style is not as eccentric as when he sang for WRATH.
14. HANUS CRIME - Stole My Love
  Emulates the early KISS sound when they were good and heavy, too bad they did such a poor job of it.
15. INTRIGUE - Rock On Tonight
  Commerical metal in the vein of Turbo era JUDAS PRIEST. The muffled production helps to hide a lot of their flaws.
16. SILENCE - Fade Away
  Takes the early QUEENSRYCHE sound and makes it more straightforward, like a lighter SCREAMER. From their 1986 demo which was released on CD in 2009.
17. CANDID - Alone Again
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