Chicago Metal Works 5 CD 1989
Label: Silver Fin Records #: SF 1525 Country: USA
Info: This entry in the series is seen less often than Volume 6, but it's still more common than the elusive cassette only Volumes 3 and 4. The inside of the booklet offers little more info than the outside.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. ODETTE - Keep You
  Melodic hard rock that starts off quite glammy, not unlike early BON JOVI, but has some good guitar work at the end. Officially named O'Dette, this was rereleased on a 5 song EP by Retrospect Records.
2. CHERRI ROCKKETT - Miss All American
  Unpolished Hollywood style glam like a sloppy POISON.
3. RADAKKA - I'll Walk Alone
  Singer/guitarist John Dobbs formerly played guitar in PARADOXX. This isn't that heavy, but it's still good melodic metal with some minor progressive touches.
4. OUTRAGE - Heavy Metal Fighting Machine
  Sounds like MOTLEY CRUE meets TYRAN PACE.
5. FUGITIVE - Spotlite Calling
  Bottom-of-the-barrel glam.
6. LEGACY - Good Lovin
  While I imagine ODETTE and maybe CHERRI ROCKETT would appeal to glam fans, this is just crap.
7. GYPSY BLUE - Livin In The City
  Catchy L.A. style metal that reminds me of STUTZ with a hint of L.A. GUNS. Rereleased in 2012 on the Livin' In The City CD.
8. SWITCH - Take Me Away
  Boring hard rock.
9. JARID SYN - Ride The Lightning
  Kind of sounds like mid-80s RAVEN, if they had tried to emulate MOTLEY CRUE instead of TWISTED SISTER. Not good.
10. MENTAL CRUELTY - Into Battle
  Over-the-top power/thrash like NASTY SAVAGE.
11. AMERE'T - Curse Of The Arabian King
  Generic US epic/power metal with weak vocals.
12. WHYTE ROCK - Get It Tonight
  Pretty good keyboard driven metal.
13. REDEEMER - Goin' Against My Will
  Combines 70s DEEP PURPLE with a more contemporary HR/HM sound (rather awkwardly in my opinion).
14. SPHINX - Live For The Rock
  Starts rather promising but quickly turns into your standard party rock anthem.
15. TYRANNY - Claim To Fame
  Quite strange, it actually sounds like a sloppy glam version of "Fly By Night".
16. DEFCON - Open Your Heart
  Melodic metal/hard rock in the vein of ICON. Not great, but way better than their track on Chicago Metal Works 7. Oddly enough, neither track appears on DEFCON's 2006 compilation on Retrospect Records. No relation to Chicago's newer industrial metal DEFCON.
17. UNLEASHED - Hard Line Drive
  Bluesy hard rock/sleaze that is unrecognizable from the EP they released only 3 years before.
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