Chicago Metal Works Battalion #1 LP 1986
Label: Silver Fin #: SF 1517 Country: USA
Info: This compilation is unusual in that is presented as if it were an actual radio show, with DJs Scott Loftus and Glen Freedman of WVVX's Real Precious Metal show providing commentary in between each song.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PARADOXX - Plan Of Attak
  Good but not great US metal, much like their infamously rare EP.
2. FELONY - Felony
  The music is significantly heavier than the Vince Neil like vocals would suggest, but unfortunately no more interesting.
3. BLACKSTAR - Don't Ever Leave Me
  Strong chorus, and the female vocals are powerful enough but I just can't get excited about this straightforward metal song.
4. SILENT RAGE - Pedal To The Metal
  Decent JUDAS PRIEST metal with some flat Joe Elliott style vocals.
5. LUNACY - Give It Up
  Interesting song with a late NWOBHM sound and some cool over the top vocals.

Side B:
1. WAR CRY - Hot Rocker
  Far inferior to their track on Metal Massacre 4, this track features thrashy riffs with somewhat sleazy vocals. Not included on their recent compilation CD.
2. FRANCOIS - Just Like You
  Boring glam.
3. DIAMOND REXX - Up And Down
  L.A. style metal of the best variety - heavy and unpolished. Slightly more raw than the LP version.
4. TORMENT - Freedom Fighters
  The Chicago band with the Irish singer, they play rough "almost speed" metal.
  Epic ballad from the cult favorites. If only it were exclusive, this song would make the album worth the high price it usually sells for.
6. MAELSTROM - Unleash The Dogs
  Three-man speed/thrash with guitar solos all over the place. Sounds like a cross between "Trapped Under Ice" and "Sentinel Beast".
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