Chicago's Class Of '87 LP 1987
Label: Silver Fin #: SF-1520 Country: USA
Info: Second of the Chicago based series (as far as I know there was no Class of '86) is another AOR dominated disaster with a couple of minor highlights.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TEN-28 - Ready For The Kill
2. CHILD'S PLAY - Nights On Fire
  Hard AOR.
3. HUSH - She Used To (Rock N' Roll)
  Old-fashioned rock.
4. FOUR-ONE-ONE - Wishing Well
  Good mid-paced hard rock/heavy metal with a D.A.D. guitar sound.
5. MISTRAL - Tonight
  Progressive rock with great Justin Hayward like vocals.
6. GRIFF - Somebody To Love
  Pop/rock. Also appeared on Class Of '85 as THE GRIFF BAND.

Side B:
1. MESSENGER - What's The Matter With Love
2. ROCHE - Lonely For You
  Reminds me of a softer, inferior version of CRIMSON GLORY's Lonely.
3. VENGEANCE - Inside Your Dreams
  Unremarkable hard rock/heavy metal.
4. PREMONITION - The Change
  New wavey AOR/pomp.
5. DECOY PARIS - Take Me In The Night
  US metal with high vocals and a catchy chorus. Not bad, but a bit on the commercial side.
6. LOVE HUNTER - Open Your Heart
  Without a doubt the highlight of the album, this melodic metal song features Pete Pagonis (DAMIEN THORNE) and Dan Vega (HAMMERON) as guests on drums and bass, respectively.
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