Chemical Bond LP 1983
Label: Silverbeam Records #: Silver-1004 Country: USA
Info: An unusual Oklahoma-based compilation of local area bands which includes many different styles, but with hard rock elements in each song creating a common theme.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ROCKER - Mighty Thor
  Dedicated to Jon Mikl Thor, so you probably know what to expect. Exceptionally cheesy hard rock, it even has flutes! Rocker started in Oklahoma in 1978 but later migrated to Dallas, TX before becoming BISHOP-STOLL in 1990.
2. D'MANS - Every Night And Day
  Generic hard rock for cowbell fans.
3. PARADISE - A Dream
  Keyboard-driven pomp rock.
4. XL - Time Has A Way
  Like SCORPIONS' "Is There Anybody There?" in that it is a hard rock ballad with a reggae beat. Too bad about those saxophones.
5. THE TRICKS - Kick Ass Man
  Hard rock that sounds a lot like TRIUMPH's "I Live For The Weekend".

Side B:
1. PEARLE HANDLE - Always A Dreamer
  Female fronted folk rock with some unexpected heavy riffing in the chorus.
2. FRENZY - Night Kills
  The only real metal track on here is a strong US metal number in the vein of PARADOXX.
3. ESPRIT DE CORPS - Hear With Your Heart
  Progressive rock with some goth/new wave influence.
4. JUSTIN TIME - Your Fantasy
  Bluesy pop/rock.
5. NANCY HALE - The End
  Charming heavy metal with dual male/female vocals. Good song, though more foot-tapping than headbanging.
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