Chance '84 LP 1984
Label: Musikzentrale #: KR 028 S2 Country: Germany
Info: The second of 2 compilations made by the Nürnberg amateur musicians' org Musikzentrale, recorded live. (The first volume was an entirely Metal-free affair). 2-sided printed innersleeve w/ band info and pictures.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MINIMAL EINSTEIN - Intro: Wir Machen Musik Für Chance '84
  Mellow electro-disco.
2. MINIMAL EINSTEIN - Baci Perugina
  Soft electro-pop.
3. MINIMAL EINSTEIN - Irgend Wann Geht Jeder Seemann Vor Anker
  Kooky novelty-synth-pop.
  Funky/jazzy soft pop.
5. A.T.4 - Mirror
  Jazzy funk-pop.
6. FRIEDEMANN & VOLKER - Moody Moove
  Instrumental acoustic guitars.

Side B:
1. NEW LIFE - No Doubt
  More muzak schmalz..
2. THE BANK - Baby Fae
  Slow, jazzy alt. rock.
  The band name is so perfect it borders parody. However this and the misspelled title had me expecting something completely different than this absolutely striking piece of ultra-catchy Metal Gold in the style & class of renowned hit-makers like RANDY, WITCH CROSS and DANGER ZONE. The best German local-comp-obscurity so far and where the HELL are they now??
4. COROFORUM - The Priest And His Weakness
  Symphonic rock ballad.
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