Celler Rockmusik Initiative LP 1988
Label: Pirol #: RP 10 873 Country: Germany
Info: The first volume of 3 compilations made by the music org by the very same name, promoting the rock and pop scene of Celle, Germany. Includes a 12-page booklet w/ band pics, info and sponsor ads (HEMLOCK-spread).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PENGUINS ON BROADWAY - Valley Of Mirrors
  Ultra-80's pop-synth like Duran Duran etc..
2. SKOKIAN - How Do You Feel
  Power ballad from what sounds like a Hard Rock act.
3. SKOKIAN - Monday
  ...though I'm not sure this particular piece of synth-driven rock would qualify as HR.
4. HEMLOCK - Shot Into The Heart
  Type-A German Heavy Metal decent enough to have had a release on their own on Bonebreaker or Wishbone, but probably not Noise or Steamhammer.
5. HEMLOCK - Feel Alive
  You like Xxaron, Noisehunter, Gravestone, Darxon etc you'll dig this too.

Side B:
1. THE HOT CONNECTION - (When I'm) Coming Home
  Poppy classic rock.
  Rock ballad.
3. CHARITY - From The Bottom To The Top
  Soft aor.
4. CHARITY - Sad Days
  Schlager pop ballad.
5. PENGUINS ON BROADWAY - With A Little Bit Of Time
  Soft synth pop.
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